Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aris Asks Adrian Barrios

Adrian Barrios is a talented illustrator and animator currently working on the Chaotic Trading Card Game and TMNT 4Kids Entertainment.

1. You are a pretty amazing artist. When did you start drawing?

Thanks Aris! But I don’t know about the “amazing” part, I started having an interest with art since I was very little, I always used to copy my dad’s illustrations, drawings and paintings and pretend that I was him, I used to always get in trouble for using his art supplies and selling his art in school , but when I was around 12 I completely stopped my art and started getting into music when one of my cousin told me that I will get more girls if I was in the band, I listened to him but didn’t really get me anywhere so I started drawing again when I was around 18

2. What are some of the influences on your work?

Hmmm…It’s funny because there are so many amazing artists I admire and get inspiration from, I try so hard to get influenced by them but they are just so amazing that I can’t even see it in my art, I’m mostly into European artists like Juano Guarnido, Claire Wendling, Messimiliano Frezzato, Alfonzo Aspiri, Milo Minara, Moebius, just to name a few, and of course, Frank Frazetta, Ottomo Katsuhiro, Mashume Shirow, Glenn Keane, Rudy Nebres, Alex Nino, Syd Mead, Hal Santiago and my dad Francis Von Barrios

3. Have you had any formal art training?

I didn’t got to college for art, but I do think that I had a formal training, I had a mentor when I was in the Philippines, Hal Santiago, same as my father’s mentor, then I also had my father trained me in the field of animation/storyboards/layout

4. Do you think formal art training is important in animating or comics?

Absolutely, it’s definitely a big help to have formal training on anything, but there are people out there are just born kicking ass! Like you Aris!

5. Do you read comics?

I used to. I still buy them just to look at the art now.

6. Any comic artists who stand out as mind blowing to you?

There are lots of them out there, Alex Ross, Joe Madureira, Mike Mignola, Eric Canete, James Jean, Adam Hughes…

7. You are interested in doing some comic work, are there any characters who you want to chance to draw?

Hell yeah! Wolverine!!!

8. How did you get you first job in animation?

Referral from my dad

9. Why do you think so many comic artists moonlight as animators?

I guess it’s all in their style, there are some comic book illustrators out there that has that animation style, minimal lines, no black shadows, simple silhouettes, very animation friendly, the best example I can think of is Cheeks amazing work.

10. You work with some very talented people (Not Jason!). What is the vibe like in the studio?

Yeah, I’m surrounded with amazing artists here in the studio, the vibe is awesome and intense for me, keeping up with these bastards are pain in the ass! – I try my best but they are just beasts!

11. You have a band called Diablo Royale. Tell us about it?

Front man of NYC based Heavy Rock band, I thought I’d give it another try, so far so good and what my cousin said is true. ;) You can check our site out here www.diabloroyale.net or our myspace www.myspace.com/diabloroyalerock

12. So you really want to be a rockstar right, you have that rockstar vibe?

Why not and I guess so

13. You do a lot of digital work, do you think it will ever replace pen and paper?

In my case, it already did, I haven’t done any art on paper, I kind of regret it in a way but they have their own differences. But I’d love to get back on paper, replacing pen and paper completely? I don’t think so, people/fans/collectors are always gonna want originals

14. Do you think today's crop of artists are too dependent on digital tools?

Yes, but if the product comes out better and faster, why not?

15. You are pretty fast drawing wise, how long do you think it takes for you to do a finished comic page?

It depends on the page and style, I guess, I’ve never really timed my self. A page a day, I guess.

16. Are you jealous of my power(Keith and Jason are!)?

Everyone is jealous of your power; you’re the all mighty Aris! But I still think that I can out bench you!

Aris replies: (Big Deal I know for a fact you can't out bench Doug Mahnke!)

17. What advise to you have to some one who wants to be an artist?

Don’t be lazy, draw, draw, draw and always be a student. Learn from anyone (I keep telling this to my self too)

18. Do you think social networking sites are good places to promote your art and find work?

Yes! – Networking is the key to meet the right people! Befriend all the cool artists you know, there will be a time you’ll ran into them and they may be able to hook you up with some gigs or anything, but also be genuine with them.

19. If you weren't drawing for a living and rocking out at night what would you be doing?

Join the X-MEN probably.

20. Who is the BEST artist you know?

GOD.Oh you meant BEST human artist?Hard to say really, umm…I would go for Frank Frazetta

21. Explain what you do in animation?

I do Character Design, I get character descriptions from the script and I design the concept and if the director approves it then I go to “clean up” (ink), then sometimes I have to do the “turn around” (5 different views, front, back, side, ¾ front, ¾ back), then action poses, then facial expressions, mouth chart. And I did some storyboards for a while too.

22. Do you have any parting words for people reading this?

Why you wasting your time reading this?!?! Get back to the drawing board! PEACE!

DC, Marvel...Adrian would love to draw for you. Every one go check the guys work at http://www.adrianbarrios.blogspot.com/, he is available for commission work. And Again...Marvel or DC, Image...this guy is looking for something to do! Scoop him up!

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