Friday, May 1, 2009

Kieran Asks Aris!

Aris Asks will now do a special guest interview with the creator of the blog that is the hottest property in the world of comics right now. Aristides Iliopolous. (thanks but I am not sure anyone knows this blog exists!)
Special guest interview by Kieran Beech

1. Aris lets start with the all important questions, Where did the idea for this blog come from? Also can you give the new readers and the current fans an insight to what they can expect this blog to bring in the coming months?

I was thinking about the whole 20 question meme on Facebook and thought fans like me might be interested in seeing creators answer questions about comics, art, and other stuff in the format.

More interviews, more reviews, hopefully more content if I can sucker a few people to do some columns.

2. Right, when did you first pick up a comic?

Mid 70's. I remember riding around with my mom in Queens in her Lincoln mark V with the whitewalls and stopping in shops and just picking up comics off a spinning rack. It was awesome back then, they had the huge treasury sized stuff, comic records and of course the great Famous Monsters magazine. I used to eat the stuff up. I was lucky to have a mom who indulged me so much.

3. What is your favourite comic?

Of all time? Probably Micronauts...or ROM(Marvel get to stepping on that relaunch!). But if you are asking specific's either the anniversary Justice League of America #200, the best Superheroes ever, it has it all or Silver Surfer #4..Thor vs Silver Surfer.

4. What comics are you currently reading?

I am really enjoying a lot of books right now. Captain Britain, Secret Six, GLC, Hercules and the Superman books are really exciting. Any one not buying these books are missing some great comic fun.

5. Name three comics you would recommend to new readers of comics?

Captain Britain and MI:13, Dynamo 5 and Hercules.

6. Who are your current top 5 writers?

Millar is doing amazing work on FF and Old Man Logan may be the best Wolverine story in the last 10 years. Paul Cornell is just perfect. Christos Gage gets it(he is a name every one needs to get familiar with). Why these two guys aren't saving the X-franchise I have no idea(wake up Marvel). Tomasi, is really kicking a$$ on GLC, and finally Bendis who does the best dialogue ever. I really Like Johns, Busiek and Van Lente as well.

And Layman. You all need to get CHEW when it comes out.

7. Now artists?

Doug Mahnke is for me the top dog right now. He is just stylistically dynamic and powerful. Any thing he does I will buy, you should too. Plus he could probably pick me up and throw me like a ragdoll. The guy power lifts! Cully Hamner. Guy is so smooth and slick. And really, if you read Mosiac it's hard to believe it;s the same artist. But he is amazing. Coipel. Just beautiful, guy is energetic. Ed McGuinness, thick and bold. He is a modern stylistic master, effortless blending anime and comics into a powerful superdeform fun fest. Patrick Gleason. The guys is amazing. He never ceases to amaze me how handles violence and action.

8. Out in the comic book world now, which up and comer, current professional, or legend would you most like to collaborate with?

Up and comer..probably 2 people you haven't heard of. Keith Conroy. He is probably the BEST artist no one has ever heard of. Works in animation. He is my THAT GIRL artist. Eventually we will get to it. And if you haven't his art your really missing out. We have been friends since college. Christopher Copeland. I discovered this guys blog and I have never seen another artist meld comics, anime and graf. It's beautiful to behold. If I could get him to draw Jurassic it would sell gangbusters. Seek these guys out. They are both amazing.
I'll add Adrian Barrios. Another animator. The guy is amazing.

Pro...Doug Mahnke or Cully Hamner. Inks by Mark Morales and colors by Kanilla Tripp.

9. You have previously asked about Colourists and inkers, do you have any favourites?

Inker..right now...Mark Morales. Another guy I knew in college..he was born to ink. he slick lines he uses are second to none. Back in the day Karl Kesel and Joe Rubenstein.

Colorists. Kanilla Tripp and Crabtree. Both are so amazing with nice clean shades and pure perfect selections. I hate guys that are too digital and look like they went bananas with the burn tool.

11. Now I know you have a particular thing for Rom, but which other characters do you like the most?

I am a big fan of Hercules. And his book is awesome. I also love Namor, who is underrated and rarely put to good use. At DC it's all about Black Adam and Aquaman.

12. For those of the readers who don't know what the SFL is explain to them why Guy Gardner would beat the living daylights out of the Hulk?

He's Guy Gardner. What's the Hulk, a big strong guy in dirty purple pants?

13. Moving along... I myself have talked to you, about my own love for the penciled page of sequential art from THAT GIRL, that was posted on, can you tell everyone else whats happening with this project?

Not much. Keith Conroy my partner is busy at work in animation. I am sure when his time frees up he will get to the pages. I tried to find an artist before, but it was a bad idea. This is Keith's book.

14. Are there any other projects you are willing to discuss that are in development?

I wish I had more to say. Jurassic, That Girl and Trio are on hiatus until I can get some one to handle art duties.

15. Which company out of these for would you most like to work with or for, Wildstorm, Image, DC or Marvel?

DC or Marvel. One of the big teams. JLA or Avengers. Big stories, the universe hanging in the balance every time, with a lot of character and relationship building along the way.
I have a Super-adaptoid/Cosmic Cube story I have been dying to do with the Avengers. And for the JLA I have always wanted to do a story with Despero really unleashing him and making him a force of nature rather then a intergalactic megalomaniac which is mostly what he is now.
Of course those that know me and see my rantings know I am dying to do Aquaman and do a mini staring Argonaut, that character has untapped potential to be everything a Mythic Superman should be. Picture Herc mixxed with Supes battling giant monsters and mystical creatures on behalf of the gods and your close.

16. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Pining away on my blog and ranting about comics on the internets. But you never know I may surprise you. :)

17. Do the kids like comics as much as there dad?

Not a chance. My kids are too busy with High School Musical and video games. No time for comics. Believe me I try. I don't know who is gonna end up with my collection? Have any space in your attic?

18. Apart from internet ranting, working, writing, drawing and spending time with the kids, what else do you like to do?

I have 5's hard to find time for anything else. :)

Cook and eat. Mostly eat. A lot. :) I exercise but not like I used to, but do some push-ups and sit-ups every day.

19. Which comics are hot on your demand list?

Thor, Cap, Superman books, Herc, Gl titles, JSA, New Avengers, Invincible.

20. Whats your favourite film?

If it's one. it's the Original Star Wars(a New Hope). Then Halloween. Then Meatballs. Then the Godfather. :) And from there Conan the Barbarian, Superman 1 and 2, and Bachelor Party.

21. Whats your favourite game of now, and your favourite classic game?

Pitfall. Endless side-scrolling fun and mindless game chirps. Watch out for the alligators!!!

22. You asked Sarah Horrocks whether she was a geek, she answered that she that's she is more a not so overtly nerd. What about you Geek or Nerd?

Geek. I am not smart enough to be a Nerd.

23. Anything else you would like to say to the readers?

Come to the blog. Be nice to people. Eat your veggies. :...oh...BUY MORE COMICS!!!

Please come back and check for more interviews, reviews and updates. Tell a friend!!!
And a special thatnks to Kieran for doing the interview!!!


  1. Man, you bastard, you had to call me out! LOL However you are right, we need to get That Girl! out and in the hands of the people!!
    Love this new Blog btw, If it were printed up it would be like the new Wizard!

  2. i wasn't calling you out. I know how hard it is to get to personal projects trying to hold down a full time job and 5 kids. :)

    I want to interview you and show people how awesome you are.

  3. Sounds good to me ( I was only joshing about calling me out..I of course loved it, the media whore that I am!)

    Let me know when/how you want to put the questions to me and I'm there!!

  4. ill send something out this weekend!!!