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Comic Capsule Reviews 4/29/2009

Trinity #48: The Trinity take it to Krona, and Batman puts a plan together to defeat him. Nice action and drama. Even if I feel a little lost, I really enjoy the grandeur of it and how everything has come together. And more then that I'm wondering how this series is going to leave all the characters? What's to become of Warhound? Of Despero? Have we seen the last of Ro? Is Krona beat? What of John Stewart? Busiek and Bagley are really doing an excellent job. I also liked the secondary story and the focus on the GodBat plan and the three integral parts. Nice. 7.5 out of 10.
The Cabal #1: I was really hoping for the magic of the Illuminati in this one shot. Unfortunately it was a waste of money. The character vignettes were a mixed bag. I enjoyed the Doom exploration in the first one(he isn't a nice man), the Namor story which was beautifully illustrated and the Loki/Doom short. The other didn't move me. What bothered me about this wasn't the quality, although to be honest it seems like a hastily thrown together anthology for a few extra Dark Reign bucks...what bothered me was that it was completely unessential to Dark Reign. There are no essential insights to the characters that we didn't already know about them or seemed immediately part of the Dark Reign story. 5 out of 10.

Wonder Woman #31: by far the best issue so far. Ares? No surprise there..but bearing gifts for an Amazon? And the Manazons take over the UN. Not sure I could ever see Achilles riding elephants..not very Greek. And I was hoping he would be more then an annoyance to Wonder Woman, she defeated him rather easily. Not being from this time shouldn't really matter in hand to hand combat. But we got some kick ass Wonder Woman moments. And a great revelation about Genocide..although that character has yet to live up to any promise. The art is be honest I think Bernard Chang is better for the book then Lopresti. Chang somehow manages to capture something intangible that works on Wonder Woman stylistically while Lopresti seems to lack impact and dynamism. Chang does some nice big action, and some great dramatic scenes. I love his storytelling, and action..the scene with the missile was perfection. Certainly a better Wonder Woman then the previous issues. 7.5 out of 10.

Justice Society of America #26: Eaglesham is REEEEEAAALLLY going to be missed on this title. Beautiful art throughout. The opening splash of Courtney(Stargirl) getting off the school bus is beautifully rendered, as is the rest of the issue. Its almost mind boggling how Eaglesham crams so many characters in and manages to highlight the appropriate members, tell a great story and keep everything easy to read. Great expression, and character. Johns gives us a great send off, Courtney's birthday at home, with wonderful character insights, and drilling in that this book has not just been about heroes, but family. An ever growing family of characters, growing and contributing to the whole. Fantastic resonance and characterization. I'm sorry to see this team go, its been one of my fave books since the relaunch, but I'm curious to see what's next. 9 out of 10.

Superman #687: A solid read by Robinson, but largely a another set up issue. And unfortunately this is the weakest of the super-titles. It needs to move a little quicker because I am genuinely interested in all the elements. Zatara, Parasite wandering around, Guardian and the Sci-police, Tellus, Project 7734, Mon-el, Atlas and Irons...lots of meat, except its getting cold. Guedes is a wonderful, yet quirky artists. Nice expression and action. And I really love his back grounds..especially the sewers of Metropolis. But he is a victim of washed out colors..Mon-el's red isn't red enough. All in all not as good as I hoped. 7 of 10.

Green Lantern #40: Unfortunately this chapter in the race towards Blackest Night suffers from fill in art. Tan is an interesting study..alternately brilliant stylistically and inappropriately chaotic and unpolished.The art work looks unfinished and rushed which doesn't help Tan. And the storytelling is weak and unfocused. The inking is way too loose and page upon page looks tragically messy for a story so vitally important to the ongoing event. That being said there are flashes of brilliance like the last page image. The story is great, savage and brutal, but really more of the same as we are introduced to more Orange Lanterns and I am trying to figure out which one is "Agent Orange". Still its a solid read..and adds to the architecture of the Lantern mythos, which is always very cool. I did love the story and art in the Tales of Orange Lanterns, Albuquerque is amazing. That guy should be placed on Teen Titans pronto.7.5 out of 10.

Legion of Three Worlds #4: An event...that looks and feels like an event. I love it. But I have to get this out of the way. Conner and Bart are cool characters, nice to have them back, but they really are nothing but annoyances to Prime. I'm not sure why they are given primacy over other powerhouses on 3 teams of Legionaries? Ok, got that out. This an amazing action packed emotional roller coaster. The Legion loses Kinetix and Elementlad..but Sunboy is back. And the Timetrapper enters the fray personally as the Legion bring back Conner to add another emotionally relevant layer to the war with Prime. Great dialogue by Johns as he brings a host of great character moments, like the three Legion Founders and Supes talking to Time Trapper and Wildfire and Dawny. The "Substitute Legionnaire" taking a stand against Prime. And a great, unexpected reveal at the end. The art is amazing, I can't say it enough Perez is the master of these types of event comics. Dazzling amounts of characters in jaw dropping action. All brought in an amazingly well constructed, dramatic and coherent fashion. Guns blazing or standing around talking Perez nails every scene. 9 out of 10.

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