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Comic Capsule Review 5/27/2009

Before I start..Kudos to DC for use of the Red Circle heroes. Nice placements. Who's ever idea that was. Gold star.

Trinity #52: A nice send off to an enjoyable story. I think Busiek and Nicieza tied up all the loose ends nicely and left a plentiful toy box of threads for creators to use in the future. bravo. I liked much of the dialogue between the characters. Particularly the discussion between Carter, Alan Scott and Jay Garrick. And I loved The trinity (Batman, Supes and Wonder Woman) discussing how they felt as gods to those closest to them and of course them doing what they do best running off to save the day in a big splash leading DC's heroes to the next challenge. The one thing I found odd was Enigma and Sphere(Steph(his daughter), They want to give Earth-3 (the opposite DC Earth and home of the Crime Syndicate) Hope...not looking like that. They need some serious new duds...they look like villains. I am not sure what's next for Krona, but he has always been an interesting character, hopefully he will show up again someday. The art was very nice, not the greatest. Bagley is great and his pages are always dynamic, but as throughout the series the companion artists haven't been consistent. And you can see it on these pages as well. Again wonderful colors by Pantazis. have fun on your well deserved vacation Kurt. Can't wait for Wednesday Comics. 8.5 out of 10

Amazing Spiderman #595: That was a great Spiderman issue. No two ways about it. Joe Kelly really did a great job with every character in the book. Especially portraying Peter's rising frustration with Osborne and wanting to protect his best friend Harry (to no avail) from Norman. Great roof top conversation by Spidey and Wolverine, just a really excellent scene. Great use of a cameo. And the After the dinner that didn't happen at Gracie Mansion, we are presented with a powerful, dramatic beat down of Osborne by Spidey...that is really to no avail again. Much to Spidey's frustration Norman Osborne always wins. In the end he gets the call from his son. Norman uses any one and any thing to get what he wants. tense powerful superhero drama. I love Norman's threat to Spidey. More then just the word it's illustrated beautifully by Phil Jimenez. And every page is beautiful. unique and expressive characters, wonderful backgrounds, detail off the scale, and intense action. the beat down scene of Spidey man-handling Norman was intense and powerful. This issue rocked. BND nay-sayers better get on board. Your missing some great stuff. 9.5 out of 10

Wonder Woman #32: Certainly the best issue since the Queen of Fables two-parter. A great massive superfight. And I must admit a pretty damn well done one to boot. Visceral, powerful, big. What the issues should have felt like all along since Genocide showed up. Nice touches, like throwing buses and missiles. Great. I even liked some of the narration by Diana. The one element of the big fight I did not like was Wonder Woman using her tiara as a melee weapon, dumb is the only thing I can say about that. Other then that, the entire fight, including ripping the lasso out of Genocide's body was amazing. What I didn't like was that although the narration was good you get no emotional resonance from the dialogue or character interaction. The reveal about Wonder Woman's feeling about Nemesis was...well...*lame* and Zeus (still in his space suit) talking at Achilles was weak at best. he needs to tell Achilles, legendary warrior of warriors and leader of the Myrmidons about intensity...I think if any one knows a thing or too about that it's the greatest mythic warrior ever. That being said I am curious about the next chapter and what Ares is up to. The art was excellent. Really nice powerful super hero slug fest pages by Lopresti. Intense. And the colors in this book are great too. A solid read and hopefully a sign of things to come from this book. 7.5 out of 10

New Avengers #53: Bendis brings it big time with this issue. Of course it's filled with great banter. Its fun in that regard. But what really is working is the use of characters, the interactions, and best of all a well executed story. I love the bit with Cap finding it odd no will take a gun. And I really love Damien Hellstorm. Wow. I have always loved him, way back to the bare chested and a cape days. But here, he comes of as an interesting character. I love his parts in the issue and his confrontation with the Hood. I love him asking matter of factly, "who is the demon possessing you?". This Search for the next Sorcerer Supreme has been fun, the Action and story has been great, and as much as I though I would hate having Wolvie and Spidey on the same team...I am thinking they should stay Avengers forever. I am not the biggest fan of Tan. he tends to be a little messy for my tastes but I have to admit he does a fantastic job with the camera and moving it around. and although sometimes the characters are oddly skinny or posed. The action and expression is dynamic. He does a hell of a super fight in the streets of New Orleans. I mean explosive. I cannot wait to see how this ends. The whole scene in Damien's apartment between him and Hood are beautifully handled. This issue was bananas. Can the Hood be saved? If Dormammu makes it to the Earth plane..the NEW Avengers are gonna need some back up. And I am curious who will be the New Sorcerer Supreme? , I was kinda hoping for Wiccan. 9 out of 10

Supergirl #41: It is sad when a great story, especially one that has ran several issues with the original art team is ruined by a fill in artist. Not that Dagnino is horrible. He is homage artist. Heavily influenced by the Davis/Hitch/Reis style. Unfortunately it comes off a ta amateurish. Some of the anatomy is too awkward and the weird panel shapes are distracting. again not horrible. But really not on a level with what Igle has been bringing since he joined the book. And worse the coloring also contributed to muting the art. Page after page instead of enhancing the art the colors are either dark, or have a burnt effect which I believe is supposed to be shading. The action is handled well overall, and there are some good dramatic scenes, like the last page. But I really wish Igle could have finished this off. I love his art. After all the complaining about the art the story ends great. We get a dramatic climactic battle and really I love hating Reactron. He has become an awesome villain. You really get impact and emotion from the script especially in the final pages of the issue. Theres a real sense of loss here. And I am sure general Lane is gonna be out for blood, Great job Gates, i really would love to see yo on the Teen Titans. I recommend this series highly. I was just let down by the issues art, Big time. 6 out of 10

Superman #688: A mixed bag. While good, and definitely sets up some more great plot. The book has been moving slow. But what was here was good. I like the dialogue a lot. And am glad Mon-el has no become a duplicate of Superman. I love Harper. I would love a series with him. Robinson does much to pull us in, but doesn't really give us anything explosive. The Sci-police freeing Tellus from general lane, with a pointless fire fight between guards and the science police as Guardian and Mon do the break out without any resistance of any type although there is a great silent confrontation with Code Name: Assassin in the night sky. So I have high hopes for what is to come. Things I did not like were. Mon-El's hair. That is not his hairstyle and never will be. Please pay attention to detail like that. Mon-el has history with a huge group of fans, Legion nuts like myself. So get it right. Next. Can some one tell Guedes Dr. Like is Japanese. And her costume is horrible. A pointless and badly conceived cosmetic change for no reason. If you are gonna do it..go all in. And lastly...What does' Mon-el know about Hemingway or what would be considered a classic quality of human women in Paris? that was odd. The art was good. I can't complain about Guedes too much. nice backgrounds and great expression. The coloring is a little washed for my taste. So over all. The book is plodding along..something important needs to happen soon. 6 out of 10

Justice Society of America #27: The past it seems comes back to haunt certain members of the Society. I think this arc by Ordway will be a nice fill in as we wait fir Willminghamn to come on board. Forgot how well Ordway knows these characters, he was drawing them way back in All-Star Squadren days. Its a solid read, but not big on action. Basically Obsidian locks out certain members from the JSA Brownstone as he has a feeling certain members are in danger. To the other he requests that they stop whatever is going to happen from getting in. Well they don't bickering in and out leads to the Ghost getting in and kidnapping Green Lantern, Flash, Wildcat, Liberty Belle and Hourman back to Hiroshima, and the heroes are powerless to stop the Atomic blast. meanwhile the issue ends with Spectre appearing before the other members essentially saying, come with me if you want to save your friends. The art by Ordway and Wiacek is perfect for these characters, I always say that when Ordway draws the book. But I can't help it, there is something about his style that captures a certain quality that works especially well on them. Not to mention he is an incredible storyteller. Simple straight forward panel arrangements, he doesn't mess around with busy scenes and hyerstylization or flash. 7.5 out of 10

Hercules #129: More fun of mythic proportions by Pak and Van Lente. This book continues to be one of my favorite monthly reads. And what has been best is how the writers in a witty way have inserted the last two major events into the title. The God Squad was fun and the last arc with the Dark Avengers was great as well..Herc being one of my favorite characters tossing around Sentry will always put a smile on my face. This issue continues Herc's mission against the evil God's plans on Earth, Athena sends Herc and Cho in to Hades to save Zeus. Unfortunately it's by way of an Atlantic City Casino. Silly? Sure. But well executed and fun. Nice little cameos of characters like Wasp and Jack-of-hearts, amusing scenes with the boatman Charon, and a great cliffhanger of Zeus in chains at Hades feet. The art is also really nice by Stegman. Clean, great character and expression and gesture. Good storytelling and he really handles the brief moments of excitement and action like a pro. Some really nice splash pages. I like the coloring, but it tends to be a little dark in places. Overall a good read, but definitely a slower pace to get to the big action that seems to be waiting n the next issue. This is a book I always recommend people pick up. You will be pleasantly surprised. 8 out of 10

Wolverine: Old Man Logan #72: If this isn't the best Wolverine story in the last 10-15 years you really have to prove it to me. This is high octane, Mad Max comics with superheroes with the added bonus of two of the best creators in the business right now, Millar writing and McNiven drawing doing everything perfectly. I don't care if it's in continuity or not, I don't care about anything other then it's a fun visceral ride executed by the best in the biz. And really i can't imagine this arc done by any one else. It will stand the test of time mark my words. The writing and pace is excellent, Millar has you on the edge of your seat from the moment you get a history lesson from the Red-Skull. It all comes together. The background and character quirks make this wonderful if a somewhat fast read. But it doesn't matter, because you get a great fight between Logan and Skrull. Sure the ending is somewhat predictable, but you know that's how it has to be. Logan returns home after his personal Pilgrim's Progress to find his family is killed. The Hulk Clan are in for it big time. Vengeance. And I am sure it will be just as fun and visceral as the rest of the series. From an art perspective it is perfect. McNiven's tone and style, use of detail is amazing. All the elements come together to tell a great story. It's almost like it isn't a Marvel comic. Like Marvel characters are on loan to Heavy Metal. The violence is strangely appropriate to the title. And the expression is perfect, page after page there great facial expressions...the last few of Logan are amazing...and McNiven may do the best Red Skull ever. The book is full of memorable scenes. Especially obviously the last page of Wolverine claws extended. Brilliant. But my personal favorite image is the homage to the Zeck Captain America Cap Vs Wolverine cover with roles reversed. Nice touch. I wonder who's idea that was. This book is great. There is no excuse in the world not to buy this. 10 out of 10

Green Lantern #41: Another book that is great but suffers some due to fill in art. The story is great don't get me wrong. I love Agent Orange actually, although I don't like that his Corps are orange energy constructs he creates. I understand the power is his. And he shouldn't have to generate what essentially amount to slaves to do his bidding. He is Greed incarnate everything is his and done for his pleasure. Johns adds another layer of tapestry to the Lantern mythology with Agent Oranges origin. Very nice interesting stuff. My only quip is whats going on with Hal and the Green and Blue rings. I am kinda glad he gets his arm lopped off so agent Orange can claim it. And it was interesting how Hope is tied to Greed in the story. Where the art fails is in Tan's art. he isn't bad, but it certainly needs to be reigned in and tightened up his pages are chaotic, and at times lack focus. I am not sure having a strong inker would help. It seems to be his style. That being said he does well with alien design and landscapes. The origin of Agent Orange and the history lesson is drawn by some one I think has big things in store for him. Eddy Barrows, the guy is amazing. But for some reason he falls victim to the chaos as well. But I think it is far superior storytelling to Tan's pages. The coloring tends to be dark. And maybe it works with the story, I think with all the ambient light from the rings especially when Lanterns of different colors or the Guardians are unleashing their power it should be deliberately brighter. 8 out of 10

Hey did Animal Man come out this week? I missed it. Need to get that. Gerry Conway and Chris Batista..gotta have it.

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