Friday, May 8, 2009

Best Comics Ever: Justice League of America #200

This is one of my single favorite comics. I had been reading JLA on and off for some time already, but not steady. Only what I could find on the stands as a kid. I liked them. Loved the expansive team back in the late 70's and early 80's. I mean Green Lantern, Flash, the Atom, Zantana(in the blue and white even!)and Red Tornado just looked cool and that's only about a third of the team!

But it didn't really all come together perfectly for me until issue #200.

I found it at a comic shop. The cover was stunning. In those days wrap-arounds were rare. But this was a beauty executed by legendary George Perez. The classic JLA vs the newer JLA! With colored tiles of the various places the battles take place in the interior. The cover just screamed "greatest superhero comic".

It was a "Super-sized, Star-studded" anniversary issue. Heavy in your hand, and only a $1.50!. And you know what the cover with Superman hoisting Hawkman over his head and Flash whacking elongated man wasn't gonna let you down and it doesn't. To this day it may be may absolute favorite single issue ever!

So what's the big deal?
This comic has it all.
Recaps the origin of the team, has the original threat that united the Justice League rear its ugly head as a real threat and tell a kick ass convincing emotional story, heroes fighting heroes! And artists galore!

Some of the highlights for me are the way Gerry Conway handles all the characters, uses the history, and gives you the greatest capes action ever. I mean serious where else have you seen Green Arrow tricked by a decoy get handcuffed by Batman? And complain about it? Hawkman drawn by Joe Kubert taking out Superman Robots unit his mace finally meats with the man of steel? Jim Aparo Aquaman vs Red Tornado? Gil Kane GL vs the Atom? Wonder Woman vs Zantana? Firestorm vs Martian Manhunter and all the main stories by Perez? You haven't and you certainly haven't seen it done flawlessly like this.

And in the end the heroes all get together and stop the alien warlord powerhouses from taking over the Earth.

I mentioned flawless and it was. And right now, if you like comics and never gave DC a chance because its too complicated. Go find this comic. Read it. Everything you need to know about the JLA and the main DC characters is right there in one issue for you.

Best comic ever? Hell yeah.

Teaser: Aris Asks interview with Gerry Conway coming soon, so stay tuned!!! (he wrote JLA #200 by the he may just be the BEST COMIC WRITER EVER!!!!)


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