Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aris Asks Andres Ponce

Andres Ponce is currently working on pages for Tales of the TMNT and Heist(with Brendan McGinley). And has worked on Jay Faerber's Flamebirds from Image Comics.

1. Who is Andres Ponce?
Penciler, sensible human being.

2. How did you get discovered?

Jay Faerber´s fault! I think that I saw a post of Jay on a forum looking for new talent.Jay gave me my first shot with a pin-up on his Noble Causes. Later we did more stuff together in the form of a pair of short stories, completed a NC mini for him when the penciler couldn't do it and a One Shot.
3. What are you working on right now?

Currently I´m doing Tales of the TMNT #61, and, slowly, HEIST #2. Maybe something with Jay in the future.

4. What else have you worked on?

I started like an inker on the Graphic Novel called Diorama, inking my friend Dario Brizuela. Later came all the Noble Causes stuff and the Firebirds one shot. All that from Image. After that, jump to Mirage where I did Tales of TMNT #32 and the April:TMNT movie prequel.Also I did 10 page stories for a TMNT magazine from the UK. Here in Buenos Aires I did story boards, stuff for ads and I wrote for 6 years kiddie comics for a magazine.

5. Do you think the internet has been good for comics?

Yes, I think.

6. Which characters are you dying to draw?

Outsiders, Green Lantern Corps, maybe Superman...and…Aquaman. I´m a DC guy, you see.

7. Are there any creators you think you really want to work with besides me?

Oh, that´s a hard one :)….I love the work of Peter Tomasi and John Arcudi. Arcudi´s Doom Patrol and Aquaman were great to me. Brendan McGinley and me on Guy Gardner.

8. What are your favorite comics right now?

Green Lantern Corps, because has Tomasi and Patrick Gleason, love his art there. Outsiders, because the original team is back. Ender´s Game because I liked the story in the novel and I´m a huge Pascal Ferry fan. Shark-Man because has gorgeus art and is fun. Anything with Doug Manhke in it. Anything with Frank Quitely in it.
9. Words of advice to aspiring comic artists?

Keep drawing! Never stop! What project has been your favorite to work on?I think that Star-Crossed with Brendan McGinley. It`s unfinished :P

10. Who is the toughest Ninja Turtle to draw?

Leonardo, because I always forget to draw his straps.

11. Do you do commissions?

Yeah! I do commissions, is fun and help to pay the bills.

12. Do you like to ink?

I love to ink!...I rather love to ink others pencilers than myself.

13. Who do you think would ink you the best(besides me)?

Another hard one :)…I don´t know, my inking is made mostly with a brush. Any inker with a brush, I guess.

14. If you weren’t drawing comics you would be…?

I´d be working on my last job, I guess. On a Library.

15. How is working with Brendan McGinley on Heist?

Is Great! a lot of fun. Brendan is an excellent writer. He´ll be a star, sooner or later.

16. Are you worried about the value of the dollar?

Of course!

17. How long does it take you to do the average page?

One day.

18. How do you get anything done with all the distractions?

It´s a daily fight. A never ending fight. I always lose.

19. Do you consume energy drinks?

Only coffee, tea and mate cocido.

20. What three things would you want if stranded on a remote desert island?

A Porn Star, a sun-powered I-Pod and a picture of my parents.

21. Do you think you draw sexy women?

I try at least :)

22. Priya Rai is very hot…is she hot enough to make you wife her, quit doing comics and settle down with 3 kids and a job at the factory?

I´m sorry for Priya but I´m useless for manual works. Barely I can use a hammer. A factory is out of question. If Priya allow me another job? Quitting comics? Hmm….

For more of Andres' art check out his blog @


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