Friday, April 10, 2009

Aris Asks John Layman

And I kick off the interviews with John Layman. As you may know he has started pimping his upcoming book from Image called Chew. And it really sounds and looks fantastic. He also recently launched the website make sure to visit as him and Rob Guillory will be updating and the art is really too delicious(I made a funny…delicious…Chew…get it?) to miss.

And in case you didn't know he was trained by the late great Bruce Lee himself(not really).

1. What's up with the Lego?
They are the single greatest thing in creation, and I have a collection that will blow your mind, and make you weep with envy.
2. John Layman in a sentence?
3. What's Chew?
An upcoming image comic about a federal agent who gets psychic impressions from the things he eats, and consequently, he eats a lot of terrible things in order to solve crimes.
4. Are you sticking with that Logo?
More or less. Artist Rob Guillory has made some minor tweaks to it, but I’m pretty happy with it. It was designed by Tom B. Long of Tombgraphics, an ex-WildStormer and IDW employee who does coloring and design work. Whassamatter? Don’t you like the logo?
5. How far into Chew are you now?
Writing issue #6, Rob is penciling issue #4. Issue #1 comes out June 3rd, so we’re in pretty good shape.
6. When are you going to send out some preview pages?
Soon. In the meantime, check out
7. Why Rob Guillory?
Coz he is awesome, fast, a great storyteller, a phenomenal colorist and one smart dude.
8. 3 reasons we should pick Chew are?
1. Great art. 2. Great story. 3. And REALLY great lettering!
9. Chew takes off, what's next?
Keep it going until the end, which is at least 25 issues. Possibly more.
10. What else have you done?
Well, the thing that sold the most of Marvel Zombies Vs. Army of Darkness, but I’ve written Scarface, Xena, Thundercats, Gambit, Sentinel Squad O*N*E, Puffed, Bay City Jive, Armageddon & Son… and some other stuff. Oh, and video games like Metriod Hunters, Marvel Trading Card Game, Soldier of Fortune 3, and, currently, Champions Online.
11. Book at Marvel or DC that could lure you away from creator owned projects?
Eh. Nothing really, at the moment. I’d like to write X-Men, like to write Plastic Man. But enough to pull me away from Chew? Not a damn thing.
12. If you weren't working in comics you would?
Probably write video games, which is my day job. Though I’m also of the opinion I’d be a mighty fine trucker or caged arena fighter.
13. Word on internets is you lost a lot of did you do it?
Running three and a half miles a day, every evening while I watch a section of a movie, or a bit of TV.
14. Do you think you can keep it off?
Probably not, but I am trying. I am actually blowing off running to answer these stupid questions, so if I blow up, it’s your fault, dick.
15. Did it have anything to do with some comments on Millarworld?
I post there occasionally. I was one of the original members. Mark and I go way back, back to when I was an editor with him on Authority, back before he was a comic book superstar and darling of Hollywood. I enjoy posting on his forum. I kinda play a wizened mentor role to a lot of the mixed-up kids that post there, particularly on the politics forum. A lot of them don't really understand how the world works, so they look to me for guidance.
16. Who do you love more Reggie(cat) or Carter(son)?
Is that really a fair question?
17. With all your hobbies, how do you find time to write?
Most of the hobbies have been sidelined. The Legos have gone into storage, so they don’t get eaten, lost or destroyed by a two year old. I rarely play video games, where I used to routinely finish them— except for an occasional round of World of Warcraft, and I’ve got an enormous stack of comics I’ve been meaning to read, but haven’t yet gotten around to.
18. Married to Tom Peyer. Does Carter call him daddy?
When we visit Vermont he does.
19. Who is your personal hero?
Jim Henson, John Ritter and Phil Hartman
20. Best comic you have ever written?
Whatever is the most recent. In this case, Chew #5.
21. Boxers or briefs?
Freestyle, baby!
22. Creator you are jealous of?
I dunno. Everybody who is more successful than me in comics—and that’s pretty much everybody!
23. Creator you would stop everything to work with?
Maybe Frank Quitely, or John Cassaday.
24. Spongebob Squarepants vs. Bugs Bunny?
25. Do you still have Obamamania?
Who doesn’t?
I look forward to your comments..and remember to check out


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  2. That was actually quite a good interview. I thought it would sound like 2 five year olds in a pushing contest, but you came of as at least 8 year olds! :)

    (I should figure out how to make this comment thing work better)

  3. Thanks stay tuned for more. including fan interviews and other rants. :)

  4. Great Interview Aris. I agree with Sarah you have a great eye for Comics keep it up man.

  5. Can't wait for Chew!

  6. Chew is going to be something else. Once you start seeing Rob Guillory's pages it's going to blow your mind. Word on the street is he is actually working on pages for #4.