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Comics Capsule Reviews 4/22/2009

Trinity #47: A wild ride as the Trinity face off against Krona and his cronies (Morgana and Despero). It's a huge mega fight, with allies coming from adjacent Earth's to help defeat the Dark Trinity. Good dialogue and progression by Busiek and great art by Bagely. The secondary story is interesting. Luthor has the plan that can help the trinity gain the upper hand and actually set things right. Nice Dialogue and narration. Not a big fan of Derenick, the figures are awfully bug and hyper muscled and some what awkward. But the story is very interesting. We are closing on the end game and there are plenty of players in place. Great job by all involved. 7.5 out of 10.

Supergirl #40: someone give Gates and Igle a gold star. Excellent issue. Balls out action and intrigue. Reactron is a mailto:d!@. Great fight between the two as Supergirl unravels the mystery of Superwoman. Twists, turns and drama galore. Next issue is gonna really be tremendous. I hope Supergirl stops Superwoman from running around killing people. The art is great. Igle is really a master of the craft of comic art. Great action and super powered fisticuffs in Metropolis. Great character work. And really nice backgrounds and layouts. Really fantastic storytelling. The coloring not so much. It is amateurish and a digital mess of highlights and fades. The book should be brighter. Its an unnecessary distraction from the great art Igle is presenting. Still the book is a great read every month and the certainly the best Supergirl I have ever read. 8 out of 10

Hulk #11: FUN. Balls out fun. I just decided to go for the ride. The classic Defenders line up snatched out of time by the Elders to take on their opposite the Offenders. And it is awesome fun indeed. Kudos to Loeb for the Coney Island Cyclone comic thrill ride. Great faces offs and turns as Galactus, Dommamu, and the Psycho-Man add a twist to the main event. Great art by the modern master McGinness. Thick, stylized lines and great expression and action. inked perfectly by Vines and colored beautifully by Guru EFX(that's a studio I guess?). Its a beautiful fun flurry of action and big time cartoon drama. A+. 9 out of 10

Amazing Spiderman #592: Wow. McKone is an amazing Spider-artist. I just love it. He was always good but since he joined the Spidey cabal after BND he has been at another level. he nails the costume and movement perfectly. Nice detailed backgrounds, fluid transitions and layouts. Great characterization and expression..which he nails throughout this issue...especially the naughty last page. Shame on you Mark Waid. Waid delivers a tremendous issue full for rich characters and dialogue. I love it. a great issue, kick yourself for staying away from the best Spidey in 15 years. 8.5 out of 10.

Mighty Avengers #25: Way too silly. The writing is down right silly. I think outside of a few moments most of the characters I have been reading for close to 30 years sound nothing like they are supposed to. Pietro like a high school hot head? Pym was completely off. The dialogue was terrible, especially the childish nature of the CABAL's interaction. These are the Earth's power elite of villains? And the thing with Loki/Wanda? Orchestrating things is horrible. It has never been in her nature to lead or plot. Its a complete departure from her characters. Other then that the issue managed to be fun and full of action. The art was definitely an improvement. I actually like Sandoval's version of the Pym "Wasp" outfit, and he really brought some serious dynamic energy to the action. Even the static talking heads stuff was great. I think there are a few tweaks needed. One that's a horrible design for Quicksilver. It sucks. What's with the "darker" green half moon and the awkward silver bolt? Someone needs to fix that ASAP as well as remember what his hair is supposed to look like. Second...the inking. The lines where very week and sometimes incomplete. Thinker outlines would have really made Sandoval's figures pop off the page. The major problem i have with the doesn't feel Mighty any more. 6 out of 10.

New Avengers #52: Ok. Aside from that NOT being the Son-of-Satan...Bendis delivered another kick-ass issue of New avengers. I have to admit the dialogue is wonderful. Fun, character driven..clever. The bit with Clint and Bucky getting Spidey on the Quinjet was brilliant comic banter. You get all that fun and a really solid bit of action as Strange tells of his encounter with the Hood in smalltown New Jersey. Great stuff...and I loved the few pages of the Hood with Madame Masque (she has got to be super hot! LOL). This story is really building for me, a face of with Dormammu...these guys are gonna need some serious fire power. The art was very good, great transition from the powerfully stylized Bachalo to the loose line work of Tan. Both do an amazing job here...although I will say Tan much have been rushed. He can be a little messy, but some of his work here is more messy then usual. Even with that that...the entire issue is dynamic. great job guys. 8.5 out of 10

Incredible Hercules #128: Oh i so enjoy this comic. I will start with the art. Clean, open lined brilliance. This Dietrich Smith is new to me, but he can draw a comic. Great action and expression. Incredible layouts and dynamism. Good detail. This was a wonderful super fight handled like a true pro. Kudos to Marvel for adding this guy to the Herc line up. He is amazing. Pak and Van Lente deliver big. the Olympus group vs the (dark) Avengers vs Herc and friends. Fun and clever. Great dialogue and a hell of a last page. Heh. Very funny. But what i loved is Herc. Tossing around the big yellow pretty boy Sentry like a ragdoll. Awesome. This comic remains one of the pieces of joy in my comic stack every week. I really recommend it. Clever, fun and action packed, I hope it never ends. 9 out of 10

Thor #601: as much as I love it. It lacks something without Coipel on art chores. This is his book. Not that Djurdjevic is bad, his previous issues were excellent...but this is a rough, maybe rushed for him. Things look awkward and off.Still he delivers good storytelling and drama. I certainly like his Doom. JMS brings us another powerful chapter in this mythic version of the Thor series. Its funny Hercules is pure comics with myth thrown in for flavor, and this is mythic storytelling using comic. there is a difference, not sure I am explaining it. But both are great. but different. I love the dialogue between Doom, Baldur and Loki. And Loki going to Blake. the best part...I believe the Executioner will be back. 8 out of 10.

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