Saturday, April 11, 2009

Capsule Reviews 4/8/2009

Trinity #45: Morgiane Le Fay's unholy Trinity descends into chaos as they strike a deal with Krona. Enigma and Warhound get banished and Krona makes a pact with Morgaine and Despero. We also got to see the Crime Syndicate beaten by the godly Trinity and some nice developments and action when the unholy alliance falls apart. The art is tremendous, although I am not a fan of McDaniel, its a nice transition from Bagley's pages to his. And certainly, and I haven't said it enough...the coloring by Pantazis(another Greek?) are great. Bright and energetic. They do not overpower the pages with pointless textures and highlights. Another solid issue. 7.5 out of 10.

Captain Britain and MI:13# 12: Dracula on the Moon invading Britain to become ruler of the magics on Earth. I can hardly imagine any thing cooler. Cornell continues doing a great job building his story, drawing us in and throwing in some action. I really enjoyed the parts on the moon with Spitfire and Dracula. Dracula's dialogue and PoV is great. The plot rocks and I love the idea of the short lived anti vampire-invasion skull. Its Brilliant stuff. The art is also brilliant. I think Kirk delivers on every level. Great choreography and storytelling, wonderful back grounds and wide shots. The right amount of detail, and a serious knack for expression and gesture. All wrapped up in a clean, straight forward style. I really love his Dracula and the splash of the "Serpent's Crown" was very impressive as was the last page. A static splash page but still blazing with energy. I can't get over how this book stirs up all the reasons I love comics. Fun, great characterization and plot, and high energy. 8.5 out of 10.

Superman: World of Krypton #2: Wow..if this isn't a beautifully illustrated comic I don't know what is. It's off the charts amazing. I always liked Pete Woods but this is next level. Every aspect is beautiful. The designs for New Krypton, the expression, all the nuances of the Kryptonian technology and citizens. I had no idea I was going to be blown away like this. I also love the movement of the camera..tight and long shots...the two page splash. The coloring clean and pure is a great compliment to the clean open line work. Rucka and Robinson do amazing work too this issue. Really pulling you in to the Kryptonian culture, introducing characters, setting up friction within the established Kryptonian order and setting up very interesting developments. Kal-el stopped one slaughter, can he stop another? And GL showing up? How awesome will next issue be? 8 out of 10.

New Avengers #51: Bendis is possibly the best dialogue writer in comics and also at setting up interesting situations. This Sorcerer Supreme thing and Hood plot has been brewing for some time and it plays out nicely here. Strange is looking for his replacement, and Dormammu has his own under study on the Earth plane locked and loaded to take him out. The Dialogue with Wiccan in the diner is great. That character has tremendous potential. And the team meeting around the dinner table is great. I love it. And to top it off we get a great ending..that we know is really a beginning. The art chores are shared by Bachalo and Tan. Bachalo really does a wonderfully stunning graphic job with the opening and confrontation in the streets between Hood and Strange. Hood looks evil and menacing. Tan handles his part nicely as well. Nice movement and expression around the table between the Avengers. It's an issue that all talking, but still wonderfully dynamic and entertaining. I love the relationships, characterization and banter. 8 out of 10.

Green Lantern #39 :I really liked how Johns opens this up. The Controllers seeking out their own light in the Vegan System only to be ripped to shreds by the Orange of greed. And starts a chain of events that leads the Orange and Green on a direct path for a head on colission. There is a great amount of plot in this issue and we get closer and closer to Blackest Night. It also seems like Hal has the Blue ring stuck on him until he can pass it on to some one worthy. At first I was put off by Tan's art, but upon actually reading the issue I was really pulled in by it, particularly the beginning scene with Controllers nice dramatic angles and style. The problem at times are when you get large full figures. They end up stiff and awkward. But everything else was wonderful. Another outstanding chapter in the War of light. Things are really heating up...the Guardians are going to take action themselves, hopefully they will get knocked on their haughty a$$es. 9 out of 10.

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