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Comics Capsule Reviews 4/15/2009

Teen Titans #69: was in the store, checked it out, looked like a new start type issue and I decided to give it a shot. unfortunately I won't be back next month. It really isn't even the writing or the art. I just do not care about the characters. Not one bit. There is plenty of dialogue and interaction but some how it was pretty hollow...and the humor was...well not really funny or clever. With all the great things DC seems to be doing I think it's time to start cleaning up the Titansverse. i am not beating up the creative team, it's just plain not interesting. The stuff with the FACE was just plain terrible, as was how they exited candidates from the issue and finally walked away with the new line up. i think there should have been more action..less silliness. the art is good, with pretty utilitarian storytelling. but fell victim to digital coloring. This book needed to be brighter and more vibrant. i would not say it was bad, just nothing that grabbed me enough to pick up the next issue or be interested in following these characters. 5 out of 10.

Amazing Spiderman #591: much more satisfying then I thought. Clever storytelling by Slott to move plot points into position and explanation of the time distortion of the Macroverse. I really enjoyed the discussion and revelation Peter and the FF have. And I found myself enjoying Slott's Thing and definitely the last few pages were a surprise, gonna be very interesting in NYC for Spidey now for certain. The art was very nice, a different cleaner style from Kitson. Which I really liked. And Eaglesham did a terrific job on his portion. I love his Harry Osborne. all in all an Enjoyable story. 7 out of 10.

Trinity #46: another solid piece by Busiek who move the good guy side of the board together in this control for the metaphysical soul of the Earth. I loved the one page sequence in the Batcave, nice touch Busiek. Bagley's art seems a little rushed and raw but still brimming with great storytelling. I also liked pulling together the events on Earth-3 and Dreambound collecting Warhound from frozen wastes. good stuff. 7.5 out of 10.

Secret Six #8: a very nice character driven interlude. Simone is magic all day on this book. I love the exploration of the burgeoning relationships. "wonderfully wicked and hilariously twisted" is an understatement. and the added bonus of Ragdoll's dream from the locked trunk of Deadshot's ride was a nice little addition. Wonderful. I love me some Jeanette. Her toe to toe with Wonder Woman? i think I saw that in Origins and omens...can't wait. The art by Jose Rodrguez is a nice fill in for Nicola Scott. His style is similar yet less refined and nuanced. He does a very nice job conveying the script with gesture and facial expression and even handles the bits of violence very nicely. Kudos for another a plus installment of the Secret six. 8 out of 10.

R.E.B.E.L.S. #3: Bedard is awesome. Vril is pulling his group together and its a joy to read. love the characterization of Vril and finding Strata and Bounder. Great characterization, fun dialogue and developments. Nice moments of acction and explanations and finally a the Omega men come face to face with Starro? well it looks like Starro is in the body of a female Lobo..which means some dead Omega men!! The art is beautiful, clean crisp easy to follow, nice unique designs. Tremendous work by Clarke through out. The coloring also very nice and clean and makes the entire book shine. This is a great new addition to my monthly read list, I highly recommend it. 8 out of 10.

Captain America #49: Wow. What a wonderful exploration of Sharon...what is she dreaming about? I know this isn't a casual fill in...the images in her dream will be revealed. Nice touch with Falcon looking for the 50's era Cap...and where "Steve" winds up. Where is this going? The art is very nice. Luke Ross is an excellent fill in here, and with the color it continues seamlessly fro Epting's established work on the series. And here we up issue #50...can't wait. 7.5 out of 10.

Action Comics #876: Barrow's comes out of nowhere and blows the doors off action in the latest installment of Action comics. intense is an understatement really. I am literally at a loss for words here. Ever panel of this bursting with intensity the fight seen in the Fortress of Solitude is illustrated with intense dynamic power. You get a feeling crisp clear in every panel of whats at stake and power levels here. not to mention it's well rendered, easy to follow and wonderfully illustrated. the emotions are there..gesture..perfect comic art. A definite stylistic melody of the best of Reis and Pacheco. DC do what ever you can to keep this kid. He draws it, I'll buy it. Rucka does just as powerful a job with the narration and dialogue. Emotive and powerful. We hardly know these characters, but the intensity of the interaction and language brings it all together wonderfully. I love what they have done with Christopher, which is crazy, because i hated the idea of the character. Now I love him. Great job, nice ending. The Superman family of books are very strong. Your really missing a good thing if you aren't picking this book up. 9 out of 10.

Green Lantern Corps #35: Month after month Tomasi and Gleason deliver the most visceral, nuanced, character driven stories around. The Jail break on Oa, with Guy LEADING the GL's to stop all hell from breaking loose. and Yat and Arisa descending on Daxam and taking out some sinestro's and trying to inspire and educate the Xenophobic fundamentalists!!! I love Arkillo. and Finally..Sinestro on have a chat with his Daughter. Man this comic has it all. Action, adventure, surprise, fun....and outstanding art by Patrick Gleason. It's just beautiful stuff. Nice thick lines and organic figure work. Varied and interesting aliens. balls out action and raw displays of gore and violence. I love this comic. Another book by DC everyone should be reading. 9 out of 10

The preview of Conway and Batista's Last Days of Animal man in the back of this weeks DC titles look very good. I am definately going to give it a shot.

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